Christopher Cantrill

Chris Cantrill Sausage Ear

Cantrill is a disgraced Press Packer, business leader and Juggalo tracker.

Writing and performing since the arse-end of the Cameron years, Cantrill has built a reputation as a surreal and inventive writer. In 2015 he took his début show, Welcome to Tiddleminster to the Edinburgh Festival where is received a 5 star review from the Edinburgh Festivals Magazine - a star for each audience member who done seen it!

Holding it all together is Cantrill himself, able to produce both simple and bizarre punchlines with unerring skill... An absolutely inspired hour of comedy
— Edinburgh Festivals Magazine, *****

At The Delightful Sausage, Cantrill is responsible for marketing, design, illustration and isn't afraid to throw his phone in the river Irwell if he receives the slightest of criticism. Around Sausage HQ, he is affectionatly reffered to as "Papa". 


Amy Gledhill

Amy Gledhill Who 4.png

Gledhill is an award-winning hot mess and highly contested astrologist.

When not dazzling audiences with her comic brilliance, she can be found dropping flagstones on sparrows. Sure, it ounds horrific but dig a bit deeper and you'll see that the sparrows were wearing little Nazi uniforms.

Silly, vivacious and very funny
— Richard Herring

Her inventive and unpredictable comic style uniquely combines observations on everyday life with abstract surrealism. Her favourite pastime is typing her own name into Google on an hourly basis.

At The Delightful Sausage, Gledders is responsible for operations, security and spending anything that looks even remotely like a profit on extravagant props.


Barnaby J Thompson

Not much is known about The Delightful Sausage's resident cheese-dream, Barnaby J Thompson other than he is the creator of cult-icon Birthday Bread Man and will be at The Delightful Sausage each and every month peddling his mysterious new form of comedy. 

At The Delightful Sausage, Thompson is responsible for anything dripping in latex and making sure the armoury remains fully stocked.